The Global Case for Optimism

Brink AsiaGood news has been in short supply. From the devastation of the COVID-19 pandemic to racial violence and political polarization, it seems like the world is taking a global gut-punch. But is humanity overall still on the up-and-up, despite the massive challenges?

Charles Kenny, director of technology and development and senior fellow at the Center for Global Development, joins the Altamar podcast team of Peter Schechter and Muni Jensen to explain why the doom-mongers are wrong. His current work focuses on gender and the role of technology in development, governance and anticorruption. He is the author of numerous books on improving the world, and his latest, The Plague Cycle, explores humankind’s struggles with infectious disease.


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Trucks transferring containers at an automated cargo wharf in Qingdao, China. “Trade is a really important tool to deliver technologies that have a massive impact on the quality of life.”


Getting Back on Track


Kenny is “broadly optimistic” for 2021, for which the OECD forecasts 4.2% global growth. “I think the vaccine will spread … global trade looks like it’s bouncing back,” says Kenny. Optimism should be tempered by patience for the vaccine roll-out, and mounting debt issues in developing nations, he says, but “there are reasons to think that we can get back on track reasonably fast.”

Zooming out, things look even better.

The last 50 years have seen a historic fivefold increase in GDP per capita in the world, while global social indicators have moved in the right direction. As countries recover from the pandemic shock, according to Kenny “a lot of the forces that are undergirding longer-term progress, like other health technologies, expanded education and policy progress, are getting back on track.”

In some ways, he says, COVID-19 demonstrates how quickly the world was improving: “This huge global pandemic temporarily reversed just three or four years of worldwide progress against extreme poverty reduction, for example.”


Health Offers a Way to Cooperate


The coronavirus crisis would also have been even more painful at another point in world history. Indeed, highly effective vaccines and testing for COVID-19 have been developed at record speed. “We’re incredibly lucky to be facing COVID with the technology and knowledge we have today,” says Kenny. As he points out, “We wouldn’t have recognized COVID as a new disease for the vast majority of human history, just because so many people were dying of infection and respiratory diseases every year.”

While global cooperation is at a low point compared to previous decades, Kenny is also optimistic that the world can band together. “If you look at some of the earliest global international agreements, they were around global public health issues,” he argues.

According to Kenny, “COVID has rammed home how much we live in a global disease pool and how much we have to work together. … Maybe a silver lining out of this will be a renaissance in international cooperation more widely.”


Climate Is Fixable


One clear area where nations must work together is in combating the climate crisis. According to Kenny, “We haven’t come together in the way we should to deal with it. In some ways, we’ve gone backward.”

Nevertheless, he believes that climate change is an “eminently fixable problem.” Kenny points to a recent IMF paper suggesting that it would cost just 1% of global GDP to stay below two degrees warming: “Now that’s a low estimate compared to others that range up to 6%, but even at 6%, it’s a massively good deal.”

Kenny is also hopeful that globalization and worldwide trade will keep serving as catalysts for progress. “I’m hugely in favor of the spread of … norms of behavior through international agreements,” he says. “Trade is a really important tool to deliver technologies that have a massive impact on the quality of life.”

For this reason, Kenny argues that the world needs “standards that protect rights in developing countries, but that don’t stifle the opportunity created by trade agreements.”

But isn’t technology a double-edged sword? Kenny argues that it comes down to guardrails. “We need to be updating the laws and institutions to make sure they keep up with our technology. … We need rules for data. … We need global rules for privacy that work,” he says.

But according to Kenny, “While I do accept there are downsides to technological advances, they are downsides that we know how to deal with, and we just need to get on and deal with them because their upside potential is so huge.”

Altamar is a global politics podcast hosted by former Atlantic Council senior vice president Peter Schechter and award-winning journalist Muni Jensen. Subscribe to the Altamar podcast on: AppleSpotify, or Google.

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2021 0127 Banner 01Charles Kenny
Director of Technology and Development at Center for Global Development@charlesjkenny
Charles Kenny is the director of technology and development and senior fellow at the Center for Global Development. His current work focuses on gender and development, the role of technology in development, governance and anticorruption and the post-2015 development agenda.

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“Regional Conference on Preventing and Combating Corruption in Infrastructure in Asia-Pacific,” on December 3, 2019 in Hanoi

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“2020 Smart City Summit & Expo” on March 24-27, 2020 in Taipei

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“Asia-Pacific Agribusiness Development and Matching Forum,” October 24, 2019, New Taipei City, Taiwan

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ASEAN Young Entrepreneurs conclude energetic Summit in Bangkok

Thirty-six visionary young leaders of ASEAN gathered at the Royal Orchid Sheraton Bangkok on September 2nd and 3rd 2019 to share with other young businessmen their successes, failures, challenges, concerns, and future plans. Guided by a vision for a smart, sustainable and empowered ASEAN, the ASEAN Young Entrepreneurs Carnival was attended by global change makers, […]

2019 Taiwan Business Alliance Conference on October 7, 2019 in Taipei

CACCI would like to convey to all its members an invitation to attend the 2019 Taiwan Business Alliance Conference to be held on October 7, 2019 in Taipei, Taiwan. Carrying the theme of “Secure and Trustworthy,” the one-day event serves as a platform for showcasing the achievements of international corporations operating in Taiwan as well […]

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VCCI conducts “Short Term Trade Finance and International Trade” in partnership with CACCI, ICC CR

Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) in partnership with CACCI and International Chamber of Commerce Czech Republic (ICC CR), conducted a workshop on “Short Term Trade Finance and International Trade” on April 17-18, 2019 in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Pavel Andrle from ICC CR led the workshop attended by over 350 […]

EU GDPR: A Look Back and Ahead

When the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) took effect one year ago this week, on May 25th 2018, proponents of the new law promised a profound change in data privacy protection. The sweeping regulation has not disappointed. Here’s a quick look at where we are one year later.   Open for Business   […]

Promises & pitfalls of 5G Technology

In December, the Federal Communications Commission will undertake the largest spectrum auction in U.S. history—putting 3.4 GHz of airwaves on the market to free up space for 5G communications. As the next generation in wireless technology, 5G promises to boost data speeds by up to 100 times, making it competitive with the fastest wired broadband […]

Electricity Grid Cybersecurity Will Be Expensive. Who Will Pay, and How Much?

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Kowloon CC invites CACCI members to 125th Canton Fair

Hong Kong – The Kowloon Chamber of Commerce (KCC) is inviting CACCI members to participate in the 125th Canton Fair to be held from April 15 to May 5, 2019 in Guangzhou, China. The Canton Fair (also known as the China Import and Export Fair) is an international exhibition organized jointly by the Ministry of […]

Invitation to Cebu Business Month Innovation Expo on June 12-14

The Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI) is inviting CACCI members to the Cebu Business Month (CBM) 2019 Innovation Expo on June 12 to 14 at the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino. The CBM is one of CCCI’s flagship projects held annually in order to inspire, promote and grow Cebu business by gathering […]

Greetings from the 11th World Chambers Congress

Rio de Janeiro – The ICC trusts that you’ve had an opportunity to learn about our upcoming 11th World Chambers Congress, the largest international gathering for chambers of commerce and their business members, from our news feeds. Need guidance or more information? The Congress team is here for you. Don’t hesitate to contact them. Register […]

Deadline extended for submission of nominations for the 2019 World Chambers Competition

Rio de Janeiro – CACCI wishes to inform Primary and Affiliate members that the deadline of submission of nominations for the 2019 World Chambers Competition has been extended to give all chambers the opportunity to send their innovative projects. The new deadline is on February 15, 2019. The 2019 World Chambers Competition will be held […]

KCC Officers forge links with IEAT

Taipei – Secretary-General Mr. Peter Huang of the Importers and Exporters Association of Taipei (IEAT) (4th from right, left photo) received key officers of the Kowloon Chamber of Commerce (KCC) during the latter’s visit to Taipei on January 25. KCC Permanent Chairman Mr. Conrad Lee (3rd from left), KCC Vice Chairman Mr. Ernest Yuen (4th […]

Nepal Investment Summit – March 29-30 in Kathmandu

Kathmandu – CACCI members are invited to Nepal Investment Summit (NIS) on March 29-30, 2019 at Soaltee Crowne Plaza in Kathmandu. The Summit aims to promote Nepal as a promising investment destination and brings together high-level government authorities, leading business executives from across the globe, senior officials of the international financial institutions, representatives of global […]

HKCBMIA newsletter – January edition available

Hong Kong – CACCI is pleased to send you herewith a copy of the January 2019 issue of the Newsletter of the Hong Kong Children, Babies, Maternity Industries Association (HKCBMIA), an Affiliate Member of CACCI. The newsletter can be downloaded HERE. For more information on HKCBMIA, please visit its website at

Doing Business 2019: World Bank’s report

  Washington D.C. – Doing Business 2019: Training for Reform, a World Bank Group flagship publication, is the 16th in a series of annual reports measuring the regulations that enhance business activity and those that constrain it. Doing Business presents quantitative indicators on business regulations and the protection of property rights that can be compared across […]

ASEAN Investment Report 2018 published

Singapore – CACCI is pleased to share with its members a copy of the ASEAN Investment Report 2018, which was launched at the ASEAN Business and Investment Summit held in Singapore on November 12, 2018. The ASEAN Investment Report is an annual report analysing investment and related issues in the region. It is prepared under a […]

Jamshed Jumakhonzoda – Tajikistan CCI’s new chairman

Taipei – The Director General of CACCI, Mr. Ernest Lin, extended a congratulatory letter to Mr. Jamshed Jumakhonzoda, the new Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Tajikistan (CCIRT.) The text of the missive is as follows:        

New Economic Plan will ensure confidence on Turkey – Turkish Vice President Fuat Oktay

Istanbul – Turkish Vice-President Fuat Oktay said during the Opening Ceremony of the 32nd CACCI Conference held on November 23-24, 2018 that “by applying powerful and practical action plans against the speculative attack on the Turkish economy, the New Economic Program will be firmly implemented for 2019-2021 to ensure confidence on Turkey as a global […]

“Strengthening Global Trade Through Reform”

Joint Statement of the Global Chamber Platform 16th Annual Gathering, 4th October 2018, Buenos Aires, Argentina   This year’s Global Economic Report released in March, visibly underlined the confidence of the Global Chamber Platform (GCP) in sustained economic growth for 2018. At a juncture in which world growth is slowly picking up steam after a […]

MNCCI CEO becomes 1st Mongolian to receive Golden Camel Award

Hunan – Mrs. M.Oyunchimeg, CEO of the Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MNCCI) and Vice President of the Silk Road Chamber of International Commerce (SRCIC), has been awarded the SRCIC Golden Camel Award alongside five people including Mr. Jemal Inaishvili, President of the Confederation of Asia Pacific Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CACCI) […]

Lub-rref renews BAB Accreditation

Dhaka – Lub-rref (Bangladesh) Ltd., a lifetime member of CACCI, has recently received its renewed Accreditation Certificate from Bangladesh Accreditation Board (BAB). Through this achievement, Lub-rref (Bangladesh) Ltd can perform test of all type of Petroleum Products in its laboratory situated in Chattogram, Bangladesh and issue test report that will have global acceptance. It is […]

Importers and Exporters Association of Taipei (IEAT) – New CACCI Affiliate Member

Taipei – The Importers and Exporters Association of Taipei (IEAT) is the newest affiliate member of CACCI. We welcome IEAT to the growing CACCI family! Established in 1947, the IEAT represents businesses engaged in import-export trade. With some 5,700 members, IEAT is the largest importers and exporters association as well as one of the most […]

ASEAN launches Mentorship for Entrepreneurs Network (AMEN)

Singapore – ASEAN Business Advisory Council Philippines (ASEAN BAC PH) Chairman and ASEAN Mentorship for Entrepreneurs Network (AMEN) Founding Chair Joey Concepcion officially launched AMEN in Singapore last August 27, 2018. ASEAN BAC PH Chair Concepcion was joined by ASEAN BAC 2018 Chair Robert Yap together with ASEAN CSR Network CEO Thomas Thomas and ASEAN […]

HKCBMIA – New CACCI affiliate member

Hong Kong – The newest CACCI Affiliate Member is the Hong Kong Children, Babies, Maternity Industries Association Ltd. (HKCBMIA). Established in September 2016, the HKCBMIA aims to: (a) build up the data base of the industry to promote and enhance information exchange among its members; (b) organize business teams in Hong Kong and abroad to […]

FICCI to hold 15th edition of CAPAM

Mumbai – The 15th edition of the Annual Capital Markets Conference – ‘CAPAM 2018’ – is being organized by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) on 11 September, 2018 at Hotel Trident, Nariman Point, Mumbai. CAPAM is recognized as the leading and most sought-after capital markets event in India and it […]