Dr. Esfandiar Omidbakhsh

Dr. Esfandiar Omidbakhsh

Dr. Esfandiar Omidbakhsh

Director General of International & Regional Organizations | Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines & Agriculture

Presently Dr. Esfandiar Omidbakhsh is the Director General of Multilateral Relations at the Iran Chamber of Commerce and since 1994 Trainer of GATT/WTO Rules and Procedure.

He started his professional career as Researcher in Institute for Trade Studies and Research (ITSR) in the field of International Trade (1982-1989), and then he was promoted to Head of Foreign Trade Research Division at ITSR (1989-1993.)

Simultaneously during this period he was the Trainer of the Soviet Union Economy Courses at the Center for Strategic Research between 1990 & 1992.

Then, from 1993 to 1994 he headed the Training Department at ITSR (1993-1994), became Managing Director of Center for Business Training (CBT) (1994-1997), Director General of Trade Representative Office of Islamic Republic of Iran (1997-2014), Head of International Political Economy Research Department at the Center For Strategic Research (1998-2008), and Advisor to the President of Trade Promotion Organization (2013- 2014.)

For 18 years he was the Managing editor of the monthly “WTO Events and Developments” as well as managed editorially the quarterly “World Trade Research.”

In fact, he has more than 25 years of experience in education, research and management. He is also the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the “Iran Commercial Scientific Association”, and taught graduate courses in “International Political Economy” and “Introduction to WTO”, at the Faculty of Law and Political Science of Alameh Tabatabai University. He has been advisor and consultant on several MA and PhD dissertations.

He has been Senior trade negotiator in Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) with the European Union (EU) for 4 years and was Senior trade negotiator in Iran’s Preferential Trade Agreements with Syria, Turkey, Tunisia, Sri Lanka, Uzbekistan, Bangladesh, Armenia, Serbia and Belarus (2001-2009).

He has also acted as Senior trade negotiator in Iran’s FTA with Eurasia countries, conducted the preparation of the I.R. Memorandum of Foreign trade Regime (MFTR) and of the answers to the WTO Working Party’s questions on Iran’s Memorandum of Foreign trade Regime (MFTR.)

He has authored several books such as Introduction to Economic and Political System of Japan (1983), Introduction to Economic and Political System of South Korea (2nd Edition) (1985-1993), Introduction to Economic and Political System of Ex-Yugoslavia (1988), Introduction to Economic and Political System of Sweden (1990), Introduction to Economic and Political System of Belgium (1992), Introduction to GATT and Implications of Iran’s Accession (1993), Export Promotion methods in Selected Countries : Turkey, India, South Korea, Ex-Yugoslavia (1989), and the Soviet Economic History (Unpublished.)

He has been project coordinator and co-authored (in some cases) research projects about the economic and political system of the following countries: Ex-Soviet Union, England, Germany, Australia, Canada, Brazil , Cuba , Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Nigeria, Uruguay and Spain.

He has translated Trade Policy Review Mechanism of South Korea and Translation of Uruguay Round’s Glossary. He is the author and translator of various articles in the field of International Trade and Foreign Trade Regimes of several countries and GATT/WTO, Implications of Iran Accession to WTO on Oil Industry (2001) and Implications of Iran Accession to WTO on Customs Rules and Regulations (2000.)

He has conducted workshops, attended meetings and presented papers at more than thirty national gatherings and seminars related to GATT/WTO, participated in the Train for Trade Course in UNCTAD-Geneva (1998) and in various International Seminars on WTO related issues in countries such as India, Russia, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Georgia, Vienna and Turkey.

He speaks Farsi and English.

He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Economics in Tehran University (1985), Master of Arts in International Relations in Tehran University (1991) and a Doctor of Philosophy in International Relations (International Political Economy) at Tarbiat Modares University (1999.)

His field of specialization is International political Economy, International Trade, Research Methodology in social Sciences, Foreign Trade Regimes in Developing Countries, Rules and Procedures of GATT/WTO.

He can be contacted at metapex@gmail.com.