Mr. Mirza A. Syead

Mr. Mirza A. Syead

Mr. Mirza A. Syead

Managing Director | Parents Group

He has been the Director of SAARC Chambers of Commerce & Industry, President of Shariatpur Chamber of Commerce and Industry (2009-2014) and President of the Bangladesh Railway Spares &Accessories Suppliers Association (1996-2012.)

He is Life Member of the Confederation of Asia Pacific Chambers of Commerce and Industry and former GB Member of the The Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce & Industry.

He was also Chairman of the Standing Committee of Port & Shipping, former member of the Standing Committee for Law & Order and Standing Committee for International Affairs of the FBCCI, Bangladesh

Mr. Syead is also actively involved in social activities such as former GB Member of Pahartali College at Chittagong, Jautala High School at Chittagong and Pahartali Girls High School at Chittagong and Founder of Abu Taleb Master High School at Shariatpur.

He is also a Life member of the International Shakespeare Association (U.K.) and member of the Rewly House, University of Oxford (U.K.)

He has participated to numerous international meeting such Business Delegate to the “North East Business Summit, Mumbai” (2002), Delegate to the “South Asia Business Forum”, New Delhi (2002), Delegate to the “16th Industrial  India Trade Fair in Kolkata” (2002), and Invited Participant to the “Second Asia / Africa Rail Conference,” Johannesburg (2003.)

In 2003, he was an Invited Participant to the “Seoul Consumers Goods Fair 2003” & “Busan Railway & Logistics Fair 2003,” and “Busan International Motor Show 2003”, as well as joined the “WTC Suwon Trade Meeting 2003” in Suwan, South Korea.

He was also part of the FBCCI Delegation attending Singapore SBF meetings (2003), Vietnam & Cambodia CCI meetings (2003), and 67th CACCI Kuala Lumpur Conference (2003.)

He led the FBCCI Delegation to the 10th SAARC CCI in Colombo (2004), and was member of the FBCCI Delegation to the 13th Japan-Bangladesh Joint Committee For Commercial and Economic Cooperation (JBCCEC) (2004), and to South Korea and Taiwan (2004.)

He attended “Bangladesh Trade Show” as part of the FBCCI delegation to Sydney (2004) and led the FBCCI Delegation to SAARC Chamber of Commerce EC Meeting & SAFTA in Lahore (2004) and a FBCCI Meeting in Karachi (2004.)

Then, in 2005, he also attended “China-South Asia Business Forum” in Kunming (2004), the 20th CACCI Conference in New Delhi (2005.) as well as the SAARC Meeting in Mumbai and led FBCCI Delegation to the “Asia-Africa Business Summit” in Jakarta and SAARC EC Meeting in Colombo.

In 2006 Mr. Syead led the Bangladesh business delegation to Beijing (2006), and in 2007 returned to the Busan Railway & Logistic Fair in 2007 and attended a SCCI organized symposium in New Delhi as leader of the FBCCI Delegation.

In 2008 he was the Delegation’s Deputy Leader to the 21st Industrial Trade Fair at Kolkata and in 2009 he attended the 23rd CACCI Conference in Yokohama.

He has traveled to UK, Japan, Australia, South Africa, Singapore, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, India, Nepal, Taiwan, Pakistan, China, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia.

He holds a B.A. (Hons) & MA. in English. He can be contacted at