Mr. Rommel Sim Gerodias

Mr. Rommel Sim Gerodias

Mr. Rommel Sim Gerodias

President & CEO of Sauber Professionals | Chair of the ASEAN Young Entrepreneurs Council

With more than 18 years of experience in various industries, an expert and highly accomplished professional in the field of Management, Business Development, Training, Marketing, Sales, Entrepreneurship and Leadership. His expertise is in the field of Entrepreneurial Chemistry, Food & Beverage, Food Safety & Management Consulting; He is locally and internationally known leader in entrepreneurship advocacy and leadership.

He is currently President and CEO of Sauber Professionals Inc. where he is pioneering in total hygiene, cleaning and sanitation business for the food and beverage, institutional and industrial markets.

Earlier he founded Hauptmann Consulting & Business Solutions to help entrepreneurs set up their own businesses. For over 10 years (2003 to 2013) he was the CEO of Reinlab Corp., where he grew a two person operation to a multimillion pesos business employing more than 300 people.

In Ecolab Philippines, Inc, (1996-2003) he was Chief Chemist and Business Development Manager where he also worked in R&D and had QA Chemist, QC Engineer and QA engineer positions earlier in his career that provided him the technical expertise to launch future projects.

He has received many awards such as ASEAN-China Best Young Entrepreneur Award (Laos 2015), Most Outstanding JCI Senator (Luzon 2013), Dekada Awards (Food Safety) (Makati 2013), ASEAN-China Outstanding Young Entrepreneur (Hanoi 2011), Outstanding New Local Organization of the Year, President (Philippines 2010.)

He is the Chair of ASEAN Young Entrepreneurs Council and was President of ASEAN Young Entrepreneurs Association (Kuala Lumpur) and President of Philippine Young Entrepreneurs Association (Manila) and Committee Chair of Youth Affairs at the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI) and Charter President of the Junior Chamber International (Philippines.)

He lives in the City of San Pedro and could be contacted at and