The Confederation of Asia-Pacific Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CACCI) is a supra national business organization composed principally of Primary Members, which are the national associations and chambers of commerce and industry from Asia and the Western Pacific.

Since its establishment in 1966, CACCI has been the leading Asia Pacific forum for examining, crystallizing, and consolidating the economic thinking of business in order to achieve economic cooperation and development in the region.

CACCI’s programs for the business community include articulating or lobbying for business interests and providing direct or indirect business services to its Primary Members, which in turn offer these services to their own local members. CACCI also assists local chambers or sectoral associations in giving supplementary services to their members and renders services to its own direct members.

In addition to Primary Members, CACCI also has Affiliate Members, which are sectoral associations or local chambers of commerce and industry, and Lifetime Special Members, which are corporate or individual members who lend support to CACCI’s objectives.

The mission


Since 1966, CACCI has been the premier supranational platform for business networking. Our members find in CACCI an ideal forum to develop business partnerships and promote business activities. For nearly 50 years CACCI has grouped 46 national and local chambers of commerce and industry, and hundreds of business associations, business enterprises, and individual businessmen in Asia and the Western Pacific with the objectives of:

  • Promoting the vital role of businessmen in Asia Pacific
  • Increasing Asia Pacific business activities
  • Enhancing Asia Pacific economic growth

By leveraging our network of chambers of commerce and Industry in the Asia Pacific region, CACCI reaches thousands of enterprises, from SMEs to large conglomerates in the region. By working in conjunction with our members, CACCI promotes business networking and cooperation, disseminates relevant business information and jointly advocates for our members’ benefit, thus allowing CACCI to become the Premier Business Network in the Asia Pacific region.

Please join us and further expand your network and business cooperation across the Asia Pacific region and beyond.