Membership's benefits

Members can benefit from CACCI through their access to most of CACCI’s direct services and to the range of services offered by its network of chamber members. These include:

2016 MOU

Taipei, November 2016 – Salauddin Yousuf, Director of Lub-rref Ltd. and Anura Lokuhetty, Chairman of South West Holding (Pv) signed an MOU for the distribution of BNO lubricants in Bangladesh


  • Policy Advocacy – CACCI aims to play a strong policy advocacy role to establish a business environment that benefits CACCI members.
  • Extensive Networking – Participation in the various meetings, conferences, and projects provides CACCI members with the opportunity to expand their contacts with the business communities of the Asia Pacific region.
  • Participation in CACCI Training Programs – Members are invited to participate in the various training programs which CACCI regularly conducts either on its own or in cooperation with other international organizations and member chambers.
  • Interaction in Product and Service Councils – Membership allows participation in the activities of CACCI’s various Product and Service Councils (PSCs). These PSCs are business groupings organized along product or service lines with a primary objective of promoting business cooperation, personal contacts, and technology transfer.
  • Access to Business Assistance Centers – CACCI members have access to a network of Business Assistance Centers (BACs) operated by Primary Members, with the assistance of CACCI. BACs help their own members and foreign businessmen explore or plan businesses in their respective areas.
  • Access to CACCI Publications – CACCI publishes the CACCI Profile, its monthly newsletters; the CACCI Journal of Commerce and Industry, a bi-annual publication which features papers, speeches, and other articles pertaining to issues affecting the regional economy; and newsletters of various Product and Service Councils.