Membership's benefits

Among the benefits that members can expect to derive from their participation in CACCI are the following:

2017 0606 Policy Advocacy1

Policy Advocacy leaders meeting in Taipei 2016

1. Policy Advocacy: CACCI aims to play a strong policy advocacy role in order to establish a business environment conducive to creating better opportunities for CACCI members. It has consistently assumed a pro-active stance in presenting the views of business through the media, institutional fora, and directly to governments of member countries.

2. Promotion of SMEs: In line with the current preoccupation of developing countries to promote and assist SMEs, and in order to be relevant and of further service to the chamber of commerce movement in the region, CACCI has thrown its full support to the SME programs of its Primary Members. This it does by developing a support program designed to enhance or complement the SME development schemes set in place by its members by providing them support and assistance in three important areas: motivation, development and marketing. With its SME Development Program, CACCI hopes to encourage its members to participate more actively in the important task of nurturing and developing the entrepreneurial and managerial class in their respective countries.


CACCI officers in ASEAN BAC forum 2017

3. Wide scope for networking: Participation in the various projects and work program of CACCI will provide members the opportunity to expand their reach in Asia-Pacific by establishing contacts with the business communities of the region and explore possible areas for investments and joint ventures.

4. Participation in CACCI Training Programs: Members are invited to participate in the various training programs which CACCI regularly conducts either on its own or in cooperation with other international organizations (e.g., the International Chamber of Commerce) and member chambers. These training programs are aimed at improving corporate management and the management structure and services of member chambers and their local constituencies, as well as enhancing members’ knowledge on international business laws and practices

2017 0606 Woman group

Women Entrepreneurs Council leaders in Taipei 2016

5. Interaction in Product and Service Councils: Membership in CACCI allows participation in the activities of the various Product and Service Councils (PSCs) of the organization. PSCs are business groupings organized along product or service lines with a primary objective of promoting business cooperation, personal contacts, and technology transfer. Meetings of the PSCs serve as a market place for business matching activities and as a forum for solving common problems of those in the same lines of business.

6. Access into a Network of Business Assistance Centers: CACCI members have access to a network of Business Assistance Centers (BACs). BACs are operated by Primary Members, with the assistance of CACCI, to help their own members and foreign businessmen who are exploring or planning to do business in their respective areas. BACs help in:


  • Arranging meetings or contacts
  • Setting appointments with government officials
  • Providing a temporary office for visiting business people
  • Serving as forwarding address and message center
  • Providing information services
  • Extending use of business facilities and equipment as may be needed at cost


7. Access to CACCI publications: CACCI members are included in the mailing list of CACCI publications. CACCI publishes the CACCI Profile, its monthly newsletter; the CACCI Journal of Commerce and Industry, a bi-annual publication which features papers, speeches, and other articles pertaining to issues affecting the regional economy; and newsletters of the various Product and Service Councils These publications are sent to all members free of charge.