Asia-Pacific Woman Entrepreneur Award

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The Asia-Pacific Woman Entrepreneur Award is a project of the CACCI Women Entrepreneur Council (CWEC). Launched in 2016, the Award aims to recognize excellent women entrepreneurs in the Asia-Pacific rim who not only are successful in their business but also advocate corporate social responsibility for the good of their country. Conferred every two years by CACCI in conjunction with the CACCI Conference, the Award is open to women entrepreneurs nominated by any CACCI Primary Member.

To be qualified for nomination, the candidate:

  • Must be engaged in her country-based or international-based profit organization that has been in existence for at least five years and actively involved in the global market
  • Must be actively involved in a business-related non-profit organization or in a CACCI Primary Member country‚Äôs activities
  • Must exercise excellence in entrepreneurial and business leadership
  • Must be regarded in her country with integrity and known for practicing good business ethics



For the 1st Asia-Pacific Woman Entrepreneur Award in 2016, CACCI declared two winners, namely:


Ms. Gerelmaa Ulzii-Orshikh, Founder and President, Landex Limited Liability Co. (Mongolia)
Ms. Seyedeh Fatemeh Moghimi, Managing Director, Sadidbar Int. Trans. Co. (Iran)