The Confederation of Asia-Pacific Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CACCI) is a supra national business organization composed principally of Primary Members, which are the national associations and chambers of commerce and industry from Asia and the Western Pacific.

Since its establishment in 1966, CACCI has been the leading Asia Pacific forum for examining, crystallizing, and consolidating the economic thinking of business in order to achieve economic cooperation and development in the region.

CACCI’s programs for the business community include articulating or lobbying for business interests and providing direct or indirect business services to its Primary Members, which in turn offer these services to their own local members. CACCI also assists local chambers or sectoral associations in giving supplementary services to their members and renders services to its own direct members.


What members do  for  CACCI

Members can contribute to CACCI’s efforts to promote regional business growth and economic cooperation by:

  1. Disseminating CACCI publications  and reports to your local business community.
  2. Submitting your own articles to CACCI’s various publications, including your own press releases and reports for further international dissemination.
  3. Proposing issues and activities for policy advocacy work by CACCI.
  4. Participating in CACCI’s annual conferences as delegates and/or speakers.
  5. Joining CACCI Presidential visits to CACCI member countries.
  6. Organizing and/or participating in training programs for CACCI members on topics of interest to the business community.
  7. Nominating at least one active representative to each of the CACCI’s Product and Service Councils (PSCs.)
  8. Supporting the two CACCI bi-annual awards: the Asia Pacific Young Entrepreneur Award and the Local Chamber Award.
  9. Facilitating networking between your local business community and other CACCI members.
  10. Recruiting new members into the CACCI network.
  11. Promoting CACCI’s brand awareness and its activities in the local business community and the local and national government.
  12. Assisting visiting businessman from CACCI member countries.

Here we present some of our current membership of more than 300 leading corporations in Asia Pacific.